• Image of Rosetta - Quintessential Ephemera (2xLP)

Rosetta - Quintessential Ephemera (2xLP green splatter on transparent vinyl)

Quintessential Ephemera, the new album from Philadelphia's post-rock/ambient, Rosetta. Their first record as a five-piece, with Eric Jernigan (City of Ships) on guitar and vocals. It was recorded and mixed at Machines With Magnets (Battles, The Body, Braveyoung) in Providence, and mastered by Colin Marston (of Gorguts, Krallice, Dysrhythmia) at The Thousand Caves in New York.

Quintessential Ephemera is both existential and deeply hopeful. It has some of Rosetta's moodiest work to date, but has an upward force to it that delivers an appropriate counterpoint to the darkness and nihilism of The Anaesthete.